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Why is Almond Fit the ideal snack for football players? Athletes in general need plenty of energy, and the intensity of football can also place serious wear on muscles and the systems that maintain them. As such, it’s vital that the nutritional content of their collations matches these needs to supply plenty of protein and carbohydrates and to replenish the minerals and vitamins that support their growth and repair.

Almond based, protein-rich snacks help athletes heal from microscopic muscle tears that occur while working hard on the football field. Over the course of the day, the dietary nutrient balance should include about 15 - 20% protein for kids up to age 18. Additionally, many plant-based, protein-rich foods provide iron, which helps support adequate bone health. This support is of particular importance during the many growth spurt periods of adolescence and the teen years (Office of the Surgeon General).

Almond Fit for Football

When it comes to energy gains, carbohydrate rich foods provide the most bang for their caloric buck (Purcell, 2013). Complex carbohydrates are ideal for endurance sports, but natural sugars can help ramp up energy amidst an intense practice or between plays in an enduring game. Select sources of these sugars, such as fresh fruits, can also add much needed vitamins and minerals to their diet.

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Almond Fit Is Football Friendly

Whether Juvenile, College or NFL football players are running the field or defending the other players, their bodies and minds must remain well-nourished and ready to perform at the limits. Although training exercises build muscle, improve coordination and increase speed, football players often start to lose steam without an excellent diet. Healthy Almond Fit snacks mitigate the physiological demands of the sport by facilitating muscle fiber healing and restoring expended energy.Roy Green

Staying in shape requires more than a regular regimen of exercise and a general desire to eat healthy. To meet your fitness goals and optimize your performance, it’s essential to plan your diet down to the last detail. While it may seem a bit excessive to know which snacks to eat when, most of the calories we consume will come in the form of those small servings spread throughout the day and the minutia of each miniature meal add up to create a significant impact on your health.

But it’s not as simple as selecting “healthy” options either. Different goals require different diets; and even the time of day can significantly change the content of the calories you should consume. Learn all about the nutritional needs of your most niche snack sessions with these informative articles and reach your full fitness potential!

Athletes need a wide variety of vitamins and minerals and definitely it’s best to get what your body needs from food first!

Consider foods that are rich in potassium and magnesium; and, generally speaking, atheletes don't need to skimp on the sodium due to fluid loss from sweat. Over time, sodium depletion can lead to muscle cramps, especially after a particularly grueling game or practice session.

 Staying hydrated and arriving to games and practices hydrated is an important step in preventing muscle cramps.

There are several electrolytes that balance fluids in the body, including sodium and potassium. Adding potassium rich foods and consuming sodium can help to prevent concentration levels from dropping ot dangerous levels. For example, if potassium concentrations in the body drop to low levels, players may wake up in the middle of the night with painful cramps in their calves and thighs.

Magnesium improves energy production by helping synthesize the building blocks of the metabolic process, adenosine triphosphate, or ATP (“Magnesium," 2005). As such, it’s important to pair this mineral with potassium, sodium, protein, carbohydrates, and plenty water. Pairing Almond Fit with your choice of water or sports drink is one way to ensure an adequate intake of all of these nutrients.

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