Celiac Disease

Almond Fit and Celiac Disease

As one of the three main macronutrients—fat and carbohydrates round out the trifecta—protein is key in repairing and maintaining your body, helping you power through that meeting marathon at work (or that actual marathon, if that’s more your thing). Almonds also have lots of other revitalizing, satisfying nutrients to keep you going strong.

An Almond Fit Will Make Your Day

If you’re reading this article, you most likely know someone – a child, close friend or other family member—with celiac disease, or perhaps have been diagnosed yourself. You also likely understand how difficult those first few weeks and months can be while transitioning to a gluten-free lifestyle. Many favorite breakfast cereals have to be replaced, school lunch has to be completely rethought, lunch out with coworkers now takes a bit more work than just picking a place everyone likes, standby dinner menus must be revised, and most of all, many favorite standby snacks have fallen off the safe list. It’s no longer safe to mindlessly graze on whatever happens to be within arm’s length. Try Almond Fit, an energy-enhancing snack for a happy lasting high without the crash. Plus it’s Gluten Free.

While there are many top-quality snack products on the market today that have been formulated to be gluten-free, building naturally gluten-free foods into your daily repertoire of snack options might just be the key to restoring snacking sanity. These are items that you can find at any grocery store at any time and that are familiar to every member of the family.

Of course, there are countless naturally gluten-free and nutrient-rich snacking options available if you plan ahead and prepare in advance—think sliced fresh fruits and vegetables, hard-cooked eggs, for example—but what about the times you don’t? It’s vital to develop a new list of convenient, portable go-to snacks that you can find almost anywhere…and we think that almonds should top the list!

Here’s why…

  • There’s serious nutrition power in the crunch of almonds, with 6 g of energizing protein, hunger-fighting fiber and essential nutrients in every heart-smart handful.
  • Almonds are rich in vitamin E, magnesium and riboflavin. They are also a good source of fiber, which manufactured gluten-free products tend to lack. (Many gluten-free products are made with highly-refined flours that tend to be poor sources of iron, folate, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin and fiber.)
  • In fact, almonds are the nut highest in vitamin E, fiber, calcium (76 mg/oz) and riboflavin.
  • Almond Fits are portable and convenient. Since they don’t need to be refrigerated, you can easily keep a pack at your desk, in the car, in your purse or gym bag. Almonds are also known for being non-greasy (aka: “the neat nut”), so they are great on the go!
  • Almond Fit is a satisfying between-meal snack. The combination of protein, fiber and good fats in almonds are thought to promote satiety, which may just help keep you from reaching for high-calorie, nutrient-poor gluten-free options.
  • Gluten-free and guilt-free, Almond Fit Pack is a snack you can feel good about! Snacking Almond Fit is an easy and satisfying way to help you get more of the nutrients your body needs to take on the day.
  • Almonds are available in many different forms, all of which make an excellent and nutritious addition to the gluten-free diet.
  • Almonds are a heart-healthy snack. Nearly two decades of research show that almonds may help maintain healthy cholesterol levels. A qualified heart health claim from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration recognizes the role of nuts, such as almonds, in reducing the risk of heart disease by maintaining a healthy heart.

Try Almond Fit  an energy-enhancing snack for a happy lasting high without a crash and is Gluten Free.


Almond Fit Energy

The 6 grams of energizing almond protein packed into every ounce of almonds provides fuel for your body to help you tackle whatever the day throws at you.

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A handful of almonds has as much protein as an egg.


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