Roy Green, NFL Ring of Honor


Why Roy Green is Almond Fit

  • Green played 12 seasons for the Cardinals
  •  Two-time Pro Bowler
  • Two-time NFL All-Pro
  • Second in team history in career touchdowns
  • Green had a kidney transplant in 2012. His oldest daughter, Miyosha, was the donor.
  • Almond Fit For Life

After my Kidney transplant I decided to make Almond Fit part of my daily snack and incorporated it in my Lifestyle.

 Roy Green

Roy Green -  Famous NFL Ring of Honor Super Athlete

As an Ex-NFL Football player and avid golfer I can tell you that ALMOND FIT IS YOUR ANSWER 


In 2012, Roy Green was diagnosed with kidney disease due to the long-term use of anti-inflammatories during his playing career in the NFL. Following a year of dialysis three days a week, his daughters, Miyosha, 30, and Candace, 26, both offered to donate a kidney to their father. Both daughters were matches, but Miyosha was chosen to donate. Green had successful surgery on Nov. 14 at the Mayo Clinic. Roy’s player health initiative was a result of the three heart attacks and two strokes he suffered in addition to the kidney failure that had occurred prior.

Since being retired from the NFL, Roy Green has shifted his focus to helping improve the well-being of current and former professional athletes through promoting the benefits of 23 Almonds a Day across the country. He has teamed up with Almond Fit Team Member Fernando Sam-Sin to bring awareness why its beneficial and healthy to include Almond Fit Snack in our daily routines. What he’s done on the football field pales in comparison to what he wants for everybody’s health.


Almond Fit is not just for athletes, these potent provisions of the essential building blocks are also great for weight loss and anyone hoping to build a leaner, more muscular physique. Learn all about what makes Almond Fit part of your daily routine.



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